Monday, April 26, 2010


Preparation for the summer is moving along, but there are a number of
projects that need to be completed before May 23rd.

1) The remodeling of the old office into the Health Center has
presented some unexpected challenges and has taken longer than
expected to complete. We could use volunteers who could help with
plumbing, finish trim, and installing cabinets.

2) Our Mud School House Building is going to also be used as a dorm
and there is plumbing, finishing shower installation, some dry wall
and insulation and ceiling cover in the classroom/ sleeping area that
needs to be done.

3) One of our staff homes developed a water leak. After having a
leak detecting company come out to investigate, we found out the
plumbing in the slab would have to be discarded and the home would
have to be re-plumbed through the attic. We can use folks to volunteer
to help us re-plumb their home.

4) Work was done on the ceiling in the kitchen and after the old
ceiling came down it exposed a number of electrical issues. We hired
an electrical company to rewire much of the dining hall and much of
the new ceiling was completed. The entire track is up, but we need
help getting the rest of the tile cut and in place.

5) The front fence has been completed and the prep work has been
done; we need help in getting it painted. The 25 year pipe paint is
very costly and we do not want paint to get on the rock columns; so
this job will take a skilled team to accomplish.

6) The rains have greened up the campus and after 2 years we are
seeing grass cover the lawns. With the team working on so many
different projects, we could us some folks to help us mow.

As you can see we have several different kinds of needs so if you fell
led to help out in any way please contact Karen Cunningham in our
office to sign up to volunteer!
Our office number is 888-222-3482

Thursday, April 15, 2010

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